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Geroizmu Chebarkulcev kovavshih pobedu nad fashizmom v tylu.

Chelyabinskaya oblast

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With our deep thank giving to our people, who have forged the Victory over the fascism in the rear of the enemy, with great respect for the in contribution to the Victory of the Great Patriotic War.Our memorial radio station RP76AZ works in honour of the feat of the Chebarkul's Metallurgical Plant and its avacuated workers from Electrostal, which were awarded with nigh governmental awards for the ir valorous and verily Heroic labour during the Great Patriotic War.Our Chebarkul's Metallurgical Plant was built only during seventy five days on the South Ural under the most difficult winter condition, having cut for its construction taiga.The single plant in the USSR which gave its prouct for planes enterprises, it came to the list of the most important enterprises having specifically defense importance.The Heart of the plane motor is a crankshaft gross.That things were to forge on a new plant № number 701.And that is why the unknown settlement riveted attention to itself of the first state's persons.The construction of the Chebarkulsky plant was on the first place of its importance and urgence the Electrostal'plant from the border of Moscow was bombed with fascists.It was prepared to blast. That is why they began to evacuate the new workers and their families to Ural, to Chebarkul.The state committee of the defence has installed the period of the start of the new plant: March 1942.Evacuated to Chebarkul workers were able to execute the order of SCD and on the 15th of march 1942nd a factory beep has heralded about this great Victory a birthday of the Chebarkul\s metallurgical plant.The newspaper "Izvectya" notified in the 16th of March 1942 has grorifyed the metalworkers on the whole country, which were able to solve difficult, complex problems.It was a really Heroism to reconstruct the most largest, extremely complex production, adjust the troop - aviation, which was practically destroyed on the first days of the war. The names of the factory heroes are like a sole mu music.Glory to all of them dead of living! It' s an eternal memory for all generations-a hear memory forever. At present Chebarkul metallurgical plant has the name "Uralskaya smithy". It is a part of the "Mechel" - group, but it will be another history...