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Posvyaschena trudovomu podvigu rabotnikov CNIITMASh vo vremena VOV

gorod Moskva


Photos and historical info.
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At the beginning of the War, several hundreds of CNIITMASH employees joined the army. Nevertheless, the Institute continued its work on a radical improvement of the ammunition production technology for Mortars M50, M80, M120 mm bombs, which was awarded the Stalin prize of the First Class, and at an accelerated pace developed the technologies for manufacturing “Katyusha” shell casings, breechblocks for submachine guns, mobile detachable cupola for the field manufacture of spare parts. CNIITMASH specialists provided technical assistance in production rearrangement of the country’s other enterprises for the output of weapons and ammunition for the front line, and helped to rebuild factories after the Siege of Leningrad had been lifted.

The effort of CNIITMASH specialists during the War was honored by the governmental awards: medals “For the defense of Moscow” and “For Valorous Labor in the Great Patriotic War 1941-1945”. 61 volunteer employees of the Institute did not return home from the front line.