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Podvigu ratnomu i trudovomu Aznakaevskogo rayona Respubliki Tatarstan.

Respublika Tatarstan


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In the first week, 311 people left Aznakaevsky and Tumutuk district military commissars to defend the Motherland. During four long bloody years, 10523 of our countrymen were called up. 6438 of them did not return from the battlefields: they died a brave death, defending the freedom and independence of the Motherland.

Akram Iskandarovich Valiev, Pyotr Zakharovich Monakov, Ivan Moiseevich Nikitin and Fayzulla Khazievich Agletdinov were awarded the high title of Hero of the Soviet Union for their courage and heroism in battle. Their names are immortalized on the Alley of Heroes of the city of Aznakaevo.

Currently, 211 veterans of the Great Patriotic War live in the district. All of them are awarded with military orders and medals