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Gorod-zavod Izhevsk

Udmurtskaya Respublika

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In commemoration of the anniversary of the Victory over fascism,

paying tribute the memory of those who defended our Motherland in

the great Patriotic war war and those who forged our victory in the

rear, as a sign of deep respect and

in gratitude for their contribution to the victory over fascism,

taking into account world-historical significance of the victory

over fascism in the World war II-Russian Amateur radio Union with

the support of Autonomous nonprofit organization "magazine" Radio┬╗

conducts the memorial "POBEDA" (victory).

City-plant Izhevsk.

From the first days of the great Patriotic war steel Izhevsk

metallurgical plant was 150 defense enterprises, and until 1942

Izhevsk was the only supplier of rifles in the country.

After the arrival of evacuated to Izhevsk Tula arms Izhevsk Izhevsk

Izhevsk machine-building plant was divided into machine - building

and mechanical plant, which produced anti-tank gun Degtyarev (ptrd),

anti-tank gun Simonov, Tula Tokarev pistol (TT) - up to 18 types of weapons.

The factories worked day and night, in two shifts, building

battalions and working columns were formed, the machines were raised

and the villagers, the disabled returning from the war... Bast shoes

in winter, porridge in the Newspapers, wooden, hastily built

barracks, and every seventh worker - up to 16 years...

But every day only the machine-building plant armed one shooting

and one aviation division of the warring country.

Izhevsk is not the title of a hero City. But the factory city made

its unprecedented feat in the great war: for 1941-1945.