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Shturm i vzyatie goroda-kreposti Kenigsberg

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The Battle (06-09.04.1945) was a part of the Soviet Army’ East Prussian Offensive during Great Patriotic War. The purpose of the Battle was a liquidation of the Königsberg group of fascist troops and capture of the city which had a status of the heavily defended fortress. The fortress system contained 3 defence rings with 15 forts on external perimeter and 9 bastions on the internal one. Garrisoned were more 130000 troops, about 4000 artillery guns/mortars, more 100 tanks/assault guns, 170 planes.

The Soviet Army storming the city had more 106000 troops, 5200 artillery guns/mortars, more 500 tanks/SPG, more 2100 planes. The battle was preceded by artillery bombardment 02 to 05 of April.

The operation was commanded by the Marshal of the Soviet Union Aleksandr Vasilevsky, who headed Zemland group of Soviet troops. During the period from 06 till 08 of April after the hardened street fights, the Königsberg garrison was cut off from other group of German troops in East Prussia, and after massive bombing and storm on April 09 the commandant of the fortress city general Otto von Lasch negotiated the surrender.

As result of the Battle, the main part of the German troops in East Prussia were destroyed: about 42000 were lost, about 92000 - were captured. The Soviet Army lost 3700 troops and took a way to the last East Prussian military base Pillau.

The capture was celebrated with highest category salvo. Königsberg became only one fortified city in honor of which capture the medal was established. 216 soldiers and officers were awarded with highest rank of the Soviet Union Hero, 19 warriors were awarded with the rank in the second time; 102 fighters became full cavaliers of the Order of Glory; 97 military divisions were honourable named "Königsberg".