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Urochische Handrovo Leningradskaya obl

gorod Sankt-Peterburg

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When on September 8th, 1941 Nazi Germany sieged Leningrad, a break-through attempt was immediately taken by the units of the 54th Army.

The 286th Rifle Division was supposed to attack the sieged cross railway station Mga, but suffered defeat on September 11th and had to retreat to the objectives beyond the Naziya River eastward of Voronovo village.

The attack of German Army’s tanks on September 11th literally split up the formations of the 54th Army; after that the enemy was going to attack from south to north (towards Gaitolovo) and that would mean encircling of and catastrophe for the 54th Army.

Despite the critical situation, lack of forces and heavy losses, the 54th Army command arranged a counterattack by two companies of the Motor Rifle Battalion, a tank platoon of the 122th Tank Brigade, and a rifle company of the Mountain Rifle Brigade.

On September 12th, by the forces of Artillery and Tank attack and with support of the infantry, the German army was inflicted extensive damage: 22 enemy’s tanks were destroyed in the course of one-hour battle.

The forgotten victory of Khandrovo can be justly considered as the first big victory of our arms in the battle for Leningrad. The enemy was halted and could not get through any further.