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Kolesnikov Nikolay Pavlovich - kostromich, Geroy Sovetskogo Soyuza

Kostromskaya oblast


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The memorial radio station 'Pobeda-69' (03.05.2014-09.05.2014) is dedicated to Kolesnikov Nicolaj Pavlovich, Senior lieutenant, the Hero of the Soviet Union.

He zip born in 1914 in the city of Kostroma.

In 1941 he was called up for the military service.

He distinguished himself in the crossing of the Dnepr. Kolesnikov, the battery commander organised the preparation of the crossing means. On October 1, 1943 the battery crossed the Dnepr, it took take part in action just after it. The artillery of Kolesnikov deactivated 5 enemy stutterers and 3 rifles. In the end of that day the battery commander was wounded. On October 2 he died and was buried in the village of Monastirek.

On December 24, 1943 he was awarded a rank of the Hero of the Soviet Union.