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Kronshtadt - gorod voinskoy slavy.

gorod Sankt-Peterburg


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The decree of the President of the Russian Federation from April, 27th, 2009 to №462 Kronstadt appropriates an honorary title «the City of military glory».

Kronstadt has been based by Peter I when the fort-island on water on May, 7th (18), 1704 has been constructed and consecrated and "Kronshlot" (in transfer - Koronnyj the lock) is named. This date also became Day of the basis of Kronstadt.

In days of the Great Patriotic War Kronstadt, being in blockade, has not admitted to Leningrad any ship of the opponent, and early in the morning on June, 22nd, 1941 German "Junkerss" have met dense antiaircraft fire from forts