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Letchiki- geroi Industrialnogo tehnikuma i 2-y Aviacionnoy shkoly (BVVAUL)

Voronezhskaya oblast


Photos and historical info.
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In our educational institution , for the entire history of its existence, a lot of guys and girls who later contributed to the development of the country, and also performed a feat for which they were awarded the title "Hero of the Soviet Union" - These are four military pilots-Seredin Vladimir Alekseevich, Zaitsev Nikolai Ilyich, Lukyanov Sergey Ivanovich, Rudenko Nikolai Sergeevich ,and a participant in the Soviet-Finnish War (Chernyshev, Alexander Kondratyevich)

Also in our city at the Higher military pilot school them. V. P. Chkalov (now a training centre for advanced training and assault bombers) were enrolled 198 people who made a combat feat,and received the highest award of Hero of the Soviet Union, including 8 - Hero(During the second world war,all heroes of the Soviet Union-295)