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Pioner-geroy Misha Balakirev

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Misha Balakirev

Mikhail Balakirev (1928-December 14, 1941) was a young hero-pioneer of World War II, who was killed in Klin in December 1941.

Born in 1928 in the city of Klin, now the Moscow region. Before the invasion of the German-Fascist troops on the territory of the Soviet Union, Balakirev managed to complete his studies in the 5th grade of the railway school in the city of Klin.

Three cold autumn-winter weeks while the occupation of the city of Klin lasted, an underground organization of Soviet pioneers operated here. The boys did everything possible to harm the invaders, dragged grenades, ammunition, and even managed to take two MG-13 machine guns. The organization was headed by 13-year-old Misha Balakirev.

On the night of December 14, 1941, when the Red Army was already nearby and was liberating the nearest Moscow settlements, Mikhail, along with his peers, continued sabotage work against the Nazis. When he once again slipped TNT cartridges into the German tape, he was noticed and seized. He was brutally beaten and tortured, but no confessions were received from him. In the morning, the Germans took him out behind the barn and shot him.