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Geroy Sovetskogo Soyuza Medvedev Nikolay Yakovlevich

Tambovskaya oblast


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Hero Of The Soviet Union, Medvedev Nikolay Yakovlevich

Medvedev Nikolai Yakovlevich, born in the Tambov region (1922-1985) — participant of the great Patriotic war, 2nd room anti-tank gun companies PTR 384-th separate battalion of the marine corps of the Odessa naval base of the black sea fleet sailor. Hero of the Soviet Union.


He was born on December 4, 1922 in the village of Mashkovo-Surena, now Nikiforovsky district, Tambov region, in a peasant family. Russian.

He graduated from the 5th grade of school No. 9 in Michurinsk. He worked as a locksmith at a locomotive repair plant in Michurinsk.

In the Navy, he served from September 1941 as a lock in the artillery part of the coastal defense of the city of Batumi.

In 1943, Nikolai Medevedev was sent to the city of Poti to form a separate flamethrower company. In November 1943, in the city of Osipenko (now Berdyansk), the company was merged into the 384th separate Marine battalion-Medvedev became the 2nd number of the anti-tank rifle.

In the second half of March 1944, he entered