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Kaluzhskaya oblast

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Operation of the Memorial radio station RP76MY (RDA KG-19, locator KO85FA)

dedicated to the city of military glory - Maloyaroslavets.

The city of Maloyaroslavets is the center of the administrative district, located in the northern part of the Kaluga region. Removed from Moscow - 120 km., Kaluga - 60 km.

Here, in October 1812, the advance of Napoleon's army, following from Moscow to Kaluga, was stopped.

During the years of the Great Patriotic War, more than 9 thousand residents of the city and region were mobilized into the Red Army, only about 4 thousand of them returned home, hundreds of civilians from Maloyaroslavl died from bombing and shelling, died of hunger and disease. Currently, more than 30 monuments, obelisks, common and individual graves of Soviet people who died or died from wounds during the war years have been installed on the Maloyaroslavets land. More than 10 thousand people found their last shelter in them. According to the latest data, in battles on the territory of the Maloyaroslavets district, about 12 thousand soldiers, commanders and partisans were killed and died from wounds, the names of almost half of them have not yet been established.

By the decree of President V. V. Putin dated May 7, 2012, the city was awarded the honorary title "City of Military Glory".