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pohodu Pervoy partizanskoy brigady Karelskogo fronta, pod komandovaniem mayora I. Grigoreva

Respublika Kareliya


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79 years ago, the summer expedition of the First Partisan Brigade of the Karelian Front, which lasted 57 long days, ended. This expedition was called the most tragic, terrible, merciless in terms of the number of losses and at the same time legendary, heroic in terms of the strength of people's courage. Of the 648 soldiers who crossed the Finnish security line, just over 130 returned back.

In the summer of 1942, the command of the Karelian Front decided to carry out an offensive in the area of Maselgskaya station in order to encircle the Medvezhyegorsk group of Finns, and then to develop an offensive towards Porosozero-Suoyarvi and, in cooperation with units of the Leningrad Front, to break through the blockade of Leningrad from the north. The main role was assigned to partisans. It was decided to send a joint groups of several detachments to the Porosozero area to operate behind enemy lines. However, in early June, the situation on the southern fronts deteriorated sharply, and the planned offensive did not take place. However, it was decided not to cancel the partisan raid, the First Partisan Brigade was sent to the Finnish rear

The brigade command was assigned initially impracticable tasks: without revealing itself, penetrate into the rear of the enemy, destroy the headquarters of the 2nd Army Corps in Porosozero, then, dividing in detachments, act on enemy communications for two weeks, after which, rejoin and defeat headquarters 7 th Finnish corps in Kondopoga, after which they again attack highways and railways.

The brigade set out on an expedition from Segezha on June 29, 1942, the brigade was commanded by frontier guard Major Ivan Antonovich Grigoriev.

The brigade reached a height of 264.9 and stopped for a break in anticipation of the release of products on July 27. The number of partisans weakened by hunger grew catastrophically, many began to experience hunger fainting. Here Grigoriev finally understood that there was absolutely no chance of completing the task. He received permission to return to his rear From the headquarters, but this required obtaining food for at least a few days.

On July 30, 1942, the brigade was surrounded in the Segozersk forest area. I.A.Grigoriev was wounded four times in the battle for the height of 264.9, but continued to lead the detachment. He died when he broke through the encirclement. Major Grigoriev Ivan Antonovich is the commander of the 1st partisan brigade, was awarded the Order of Lenin (posthumously).