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Oborona na podstupah k Moskve

Smolenskaya oblast


Photos and historical info.
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On September 30, 1941, the Battle of Moscow began, which ended in victory on April 20, 1942. The enemy failed to capture Moscow and thus victoriously end the war in the east. Particularly distinguished was the 316th Rifle Division under the command of General Ivan Panfilov, which repulsed several enemy tank attacks on the first day of the offensive. The feat of a group of fighters of this division, headed by political instructor Vasily Klochkov, became legendary. More than 30 German tanks tried to break through Gzhatsk along the Volokolamsk highway. The battle lasted four hours, the enemy lost 18 tanks, many soldiers, but was never able to break the defense. Klochkov's words to his soldiers spread throughout the country: "Russia is great, but there is nowhere to retreat: behind is Moscow!"