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Gorod voinskoy slavy. Partizanskoe dvizhenie.

Pskovskaya oblast


Photos and historical info.
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On June 29, 1941, the Directive of the Council of People's Commissars of the USSR and the Central Committee of the All-Union Communist Party (Bolsheviks) to the party and Soviet organizations of the front-line regions was issued, which stated: "in the areas occupied by the enemy, create partisan detachments and sabotage groups to fight parts of the enemy army."

The partisan movement in the Pskov region began from the first days of the occupation. Partisan detachments were everywhere formed from extermination battalions, which were created from the local population to fight against enemy scouts, saboteurs, paratroopers. The strongest and most reliable were selected. Sometimes such detachments were formed in areas not yet occupied by the approach of the enemy. Often they fought together with units of the Soviet Army, covering its retreat. The detachments were replenished with soldiers who found themselves in the rear of the enemy troops. Local party and Soviet activists went underground. He formed the core of the first partisan detachments, was their organizer. Some units were commanded by border guards with military experience (the detachment of Lieutenant Dolgorukov in the Velikie Luki region and others). Such detachments immediately showed combat activity. Others began with reconnaissance, collecting weapons; gradually gaining strength and experience, they deployed sabotage activities behind enemy lines. At first the detachments were small: fifteen to twenty people, rarely more than thirty, and sometimes less than ten. They were fed and clothed by the local population.

The above-mentioned directive of the Council of People's Commissars states that the detachments are created: β€œ... to incite a guerrilla war everywhere and everywhere, to blow up bridges, roads, damage telephone and telegraph communications, set fire to warehouses, etc.”, the document calls on β€œ conditions for the enemy and all his accomplices, to pursue and destroy them at every step, to disrupt all their activities ... ”And so it was.