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Prohorovskoe Pole

Belgorodskaya oblast


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The Battle of Prokhorovsky Field on July 12, 1943 was a battle during the defensive phase of the Battle of Kursk. It took place on the southern face of the Kursk Bulge (Belgorod direction) in the Voronezh Front line, near the Prokhorovka station, is considered one of the largest battles in military history with the use of armored forces. Prokhorovka didn't just stay put, it stopped the whole war! It was here that the offensive resource of the Nazis was completely exhausted. The enemy was not only stopped, but exhausted and drained of blood. From the Prokhorovsky field, the war rolled back to the west, and the Germans could no longer stop this rollback, this reverse course through Ukraine, Belarus, the Baltic States, Poland, all the way to Berlin...

To mark the 50th anniversary of the victory, the church of the Holy Apostles Peter and Paul was opened in Prokhorovka – the day of these saints falls on the date of the battle. The main monument of the museum-reserve is the Victory Monument-the Belfry on the Prokhorovsky Field. In 2010, the museum "The Third Military Field of Russia"opened its doors. In the center of the pre-museum square there is a majestic sculptural and artistic composition " Tank Battle near Prokhorovka. Battering ram". This composition is a symbol that embodies the heroism of Soviet soldiers. This is the Prokhorov battle in miniature, yet it fully conveys the intensity of the battle. The continuation of the existing complex was a tank training ground. The tankodrome track is located next to the museum "The Third Military Field of Russia". On the territory of the museum, adjacent to the tank airfield, the central place is occupied by the sculptural composition "Tank Landing". On January 27, 2017, a new object of the museum-reserve "Prokhorov Field" - "Museum of Armored Vehicles"was opened. The total area of the Museum is 2830 sq. m., the exhibition area is 1500 sq. m. The main purpose of the exhibition is to recreate a complete picture of the development of tank construction from the Middle Ages to the present day. To celebrate the 75th anniversary of the Victory, a new museum complex dedicated to the home front workers, all those who helped forge the Great Victory, has been opened!