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Partizany - radisty

Bryanskaya oblast


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The call sign is dedicated to the radio operators of partisan detachments.

One of the pages of the armed struggle against the fascists is the partisan war in the occupied territory. The radio operators of the partisan detachments, brigades, and communication centers of the partisan movement headquarters contributed to the fact that this struggle became organized, purposeful, and effective.

Tasks performed by radio operators of partisan detachments:

Receiving orders from a higher command.

Transmission of reports on the fighting.

Transfer of intelligence about the enemy.

Coordination of joint military actions of partisan detachments, actions to repel punitive attacks of the enemy.

Requests for help from the command: weapons, ammunition, sabotage and other military equipment, food, including batteries and lamps for radio stations.

Coordination of aviation flights: dates, times, airfields or platforms for non-stop cargo drop, configuration of signal lights, missiles for identification.

Transfer of information about military specialists who found themselves in the occupied territory to be sent to the active army.

Transmitting weather reports.

Reception of radio broadcasts of the Soviet Information Bureau.