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Gorod Voinskoy Slavy Rostov-na-Donu

Rostovskaya oblast

QSL via RQ6M

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City of military glory Rostov-on-Don !!!

On March 25, 2008, a meeting of the Russian organizing committee "Victory" took place in Moscow, at which historical justice triumphed - our beloved city Rostov-on-Don became the tenth city in Russia awarded the high and honorary title "City of Military Glory".

In accordance with the Federal Law, the title "City of Military Glory" is awarded to Russian cities, on the territory of which, during fierce battles, the defenders of the Fatherland showed courage, resilience and mass heroism. In the city, awarded the honorary title, a stele will be installed with the image of the city's coat of arms and the text of the decree of the President of the Russian Federation on conferring this title on the city.

The city of Rostov-on-Don is worthy of such an honorary title, because during the Great Patriotic War it became an arena of fierce battles four times and was twice occupied. 285 Don natives became Heroes of the Soviet Union, five people were awarded this title twice, and Semyon Mikhailovich Budyonny became three times Hero of the Soviet Union. A special state commission that investigated all the atrocities of the German invaders and their accomplices ranked the city among the fifteen cities of the Soviet Union that suffered the most from the occupation during the war. For merits during the war years and great contribution to the Victory, Rostov-on-Don was awarded the Order of the Patriotic War of the first degree.