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Stalingradskaya Bitva

Volgogradskaya oblast


Photos and historical info.
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The Battle of Stalingrad lasted 200 days and nights (July 17, 1942-February 2, 1943) and took place over a vast territory of over 100,000 square kilometers. In some periods of the battle, about 2 million people from both sides participated in it, up to 2 thousand tanks, up to 2 000 aircraft and up to 26 thousand guns and mortars. During the defensive period of the battle (July 17-November 18, 1942), Soviet troops in the course of bloody battles thwarted the enemy's plan to immediately capture Stalingrad with one blow. During the Second offensive period (November 19, 1942 – February 2, 1943), the Red Army surrounded and defeated the forces of the 4th Panzer and 6th Field German armies, as well as the military formations of the allied states of Germany, launched a general offensive on the southern wing of the Soviet-German front. In the summer of 1942, German troops advanced in two divergent directions: the Caucasus and Stalingrad. The 6th Army of F. Paulus was to cut the Volga as the most important transport artery of the country and capture Stalingrad "as a center of military industry and a communications hub." On August 23, the Wehrmacht tank corps unexpectedly broke through to the Volga on the northern outskirts of the city. On the same day, German aircraft launched a massive bombing attack on residential areas of the city. During the week of bombing, more than 40 thousand Stalingrad residents were killed. (The source of information is the History portal.RUSSIAN FEDERATION,