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Surgut frontu! Truzhenikam tyla goroda Surgut.

Hanty-Mansiyskiy avtonomnyy okrug


Photos and historical info.
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The people of Surgut passed the difficult roads of the war, defending their homeland. 1,240 people did not return to their native lands, giving their lives for freedom and independence. This was the case at the front. So it was in the rear. The labor feat was accomplished by the workers of the rear. In factories and plants, on collective farm fields, young men and women, old men and women, teenagers worked tirelessly. The fishing industry has acquired particular importance. The Siberians were tasked with dramatically increasing the output of canned food and other fish products. In the spring of 1942, equipment for a fish canning factory arrived in Surgut from Odessa. Teenagers and women worked 12-14, and sometimes 16 hours on construction. The selfless labor of the collective allowed in 1944 to produce more than one and a half million Siberian canned food. During the war years, the region's hunters donated 5 million 342 thousand rubles worth of fur skins to the procurement centers. The skins of Siberian sables, arctic foxes, foxes and squirrels were exchanged for foreign tanks and aircraft. More than 200 parcels with clothing, food and gifts for the soldiers of the Red Army were sent to the front and to the partisan detachments. Working people and children have collected thousands and thousands of rubles from their personal savings for the Defense Fund, for the construction of military vehicles.