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Gorod Severomorsk - stolica Severogo flota

Murmanskaya oblast


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Severomorsk city -

the capital of the Northern Fleet.


Throughout the war, the Northern Fleet reliably covered the coastal flank of the 14th Army from landings and attacks by enemy ships, defended its naval communications, disrupted enemy transportation and deprived him of the initiative at sea. During the war, various aviation regiments were based at the Vaenga airfield - the 72nd (later the 2nd Guards named after B.F. Safonov) fighter, 24th (later 9th Guards) mine and torpedo, 118 reconnaissance.

The destroyers of a squadron of surface ships departed from the Vaenga berths to escort the allied convoys. Among them was the famous Guards destroyer "Thundering". Here, since August 1944, there were ships provided by the Allies to the Soviet Union for temporary use on account of reparations (captured ships of capitulated Italy): the old English battleship Royal Severin, which was named Arkhangelsk, and the American cruiser "Milwoky", which became known as "Murmansk".

On August 19, 1945, a monument to pilot Boris Safonov, twice Hero of the Soviet Union, was solemnly unveiled in the Aviagorodok.

Boris Feoktistovich Safonov was the first of the country's naval aviation pilots to shoot down an enemy plane on June 24, 1941. During the incomplete year of the war (he died on May 30, 1942) B. Safonov made 224 sorties, shot down 39 enemy aircraft, incl. 25 in person. The North Sea pilots made a significant contribution to the defeat of the fascist troops in the Arctic. As a result of the hostilities, 178 different ships and vessels were sunk, 1045 enemy aircraft were destroyed, of which 933 were in air battles.

On April 18, 1951, the working village of Vaenga received a new status and a new name - the city of Severomorsk. There were many opinions about the name: Krasnoflotsk, Safonovsk, Krasnogvardeysk. The decisive proposal was made by P. Zadorozhny: the defenders of the Arctic during the Great Patriotic War called themselves Severomorians.

In 2021, Severomorsk celebrated its anniversary. 70 years is not enough for the city, but it has already justified the high title of the naval capital: it has become a reliable berth for sailors and a warm home for everyone who lives in it.