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During the Great Patriotic War, more than 208 thousand natives of Chuvashia fought against the fascist invaders. Of these, more than 100 thousand died. About 54 thousand people were awarded orders and medals. During the war, the Chuvash ASSR received the Red Banner of the GKO three times. 75 servicemen from Chuvashia were awarded the title of Hero of the Soviet Union, about 54 thousand people were awarded orders and medals. More than 20 industrial enterprises were relocated from the western and central regions of the country to Chuvashia.

The armored train "Komsomol of Chuvashia" was built with the funds of the workers of the Kanash car repair Plant, the armored train "For the Motherland!" was built, the Cheboksary electric Equipment Plant — the squadron of combat aircraft "Krasnaya Chuvashia" and " Komsomolets of Chuvashia»