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Respublika Bashkortostan


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By the beginning of the Great Patriotic War, Bashkiria had a strong industrial base, well-trained workers, and rich natural resources. Oil fields, oil refineries, and metallurgical enterprises have become particularly important. The republic constantly prepared qualified replenishment for the front - during the war years, about 200 thousand people (shooters, snipers, mortar men, tank destroyers and other specialists) passed through the system of universal education.

More than 200 thousand soldiers of Bashkortostan were awarded orders and medals for their courage and bravery. 278 of the most distinguished soldiers and officers were awarded the title of Hero of the Soviet Union. 35 people became knights of the Order of Glory of all three degrees. They are our honor and pride, an eternal example for new generations. In the harsh days of the war, Bashkiria became a reliable bastion, where weapons were forged day and night. In 1941-1942, the republic exported all or part of the equipment of more than 120 industrial enterprises from Ukraine, Belarus, Azerbaijan, Leningrad, Moscow, and the regions of the Russian Federation. These were mainly enterprises of the aviation, oil, machine-building, electrical, chemical and light industries.

A powerful network of evacuation hospitals has developed in Bashkiria. During the war years, we treated 218,000 wounded and sick people. Thousands of evacuees from other republics and regions of our vast country have found shelter here. Despite the lack of workers and equipment, the workers of state farms and MTS, collective farmers, denying themselves much, sought to give more food for the front. More than 300 agricultural workers were awarded orders and medals of the Soviet Union for their success in their work. In total, Bashkiria sent more than 700 thousand of its best sons and daughters to fight the fascists. More than 322 thousand of our countrymen did not return from the war.And the population of the republic was then 2 million 600 thousand people. This is the bitter price that Bashkiria paid for the Victory.

In 2020, the capital of Bashkiria was awarded the honorary international title "City of Labor Valor and Glory". This decision was made by the Presidium of the Interstate Union of Hero Cities. The honorary title was awarded for outstanding services to the Fatherland, courage, mass labor heroism shown by the Ufa residents in the fight against the fascist invaders.