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Trudovomu i ratnomu podvigu uralcev

Sverdlovskaya oblast


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Ural homeland

The largest point of industrial evacuation is the Ural region, which located by the fall of 1942.

on its territory, equipment and labor of more than 830 enterprises, 212 of which were accepted

Sverdlovsk region.

The great movement to the East involved not only the rapid movement of industrial equipment.

The most important tasks were the reception, placement and employment of the evacuated population. For the period from

From July 1941 to December 1942, the Ural region received 2 million 127 thousand people, of which 719 thousand

located in the Sverdlovsk region.

In total, more than 2 million Ural residents went to the front, of which about 600 thousand did not return home.

Alive, remember us

We are at our last hour of death

They covered their homeland with themselves.

Alive, remember us ...