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Bryansk gorod partizanskoy slavy

Bryanskaya oblast


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Monument to three Heroes of the Soviet Union Vladimir Ryabk, Valentina Safronova, Igor Kustov, pupils of secondary school No. 27

Valentina Safronova organizes an underground in the captured enemy city of Bryansk, finds safe houses, puts up leaflets, brought explosives to the city.

Volodya Ryabok, secretary of the Dyatkovsky Komsomol district committee, led a youth partisan detachment, participated in the explosion of a bridge over the Bolva River.

Igor Kustov: a fighter pilot, on his account seven personally shot down enemy vehicles.

Let you die,

Po in the song of the brave

And strong in spirit

You will always be

A living example,

A call to be proud

To freedom, to light.

These Gorky words are written on the pedestal of the monument to the Heroes of the Soviet Union, graduates of secondary school No. 27 Igor Kustov, Valentina Safronova, Vladimir Ryabk. Expressive sculptural group — two young men and a girl depicted in height. In the poses, faces of patriots — fearlessness, readiness to engage in battle with the enemy.

...The cherished dream of I. Kustov from school years was