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Pavel Mihaylovich Kamozin — sovetskiy letchik-istrebitel, komandir eskadrili, dvazhdy Geroy Sovetskogo Soyuza, kapitan.

Bryanskaya oblast


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He was born on July 16, 1917 in the city of Bezhitsa

In 1934, he began studying at the Bezhitsky Aero Club. In the Red Army since 1937. In 1938 he graduated from the Borisoglebsk Military Aviation School of Pilots, after which he worked as an instructor pilot.

Flight commander, Junior Lieutenant P. M. Kamozin made his first combat mission in the Great Patriotic War on June 23, 1941 on an I-16 fighter. In this battle, he was wounded in the foot. After the hospital, he worked at the headquarters of the 44th Fighter Division.

On August 5, 1941, he was allowed to fly by the medical commission and served as part of the 275th Bomber Aviation Regiment until December 27, 1941.

From December 27, 1941 to October 1942— he was a pilot, then an instructor pilot of the 253rd Reserve Aviation Regiment. During this time, he not only mastered the technique of piloting the LaGG-3 aircraft, but also taught and trained 40 pilots.

On July 1, 1944, Kamozin was awarded the second title of Hero of the Soviet Union.

On January 20, 1945, while performing a combat mission, he suffered an accident due to engine failure: the plane crashed, Kamozin was severely injured and was in the hospital for a long time.

In total, during the Great Patriotic War, Pavel Mikhailovich Kamozin performed 186 sorties, conducted 90 air battles and personally shot down 35 enemy aircraft , shot down 13 more aircraft as part of the group. According to the research of M. Y. Bykov, P. M. Kamozin has 34 personal and 4 group victories on his combat account

After the war, from 1946 he worked in civil aviation. He lived in the city of Bryansk.

He died on November 24, 1983