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Gorod- gospital Sochi

Krasnodarskiy kray

QSL via RZ6D

Photos and historical info.
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During the Great Patriotic War, Sochi received the status of a hospital — wounded people from all over the country were brought here. Thanks to the climate and special care, the soldiers were recovering faster. The first patients were brought to Sochi on August 5, 1941 by ambulances. After that, trains with the wounded began to arrive regularly — by January 1942, about 50 hospitals were operating in the city, which could accommodate 20,500 people at the same time.

All residents of the resort town helped in the hospitals: they washed floors, dishes, carried furniture, cooked and collected food. Local sewing workshops sewed clothes for doctors and patients, screens, sheets, curtains and bedspreads for hospitals. Schoolchildren collected moss in a Yew-boxwood grove, which was stuffed into mattresses for hospitals.

In 1943, there were so many patients that only seriously wounded soldiers were sent to the resort before the end of the war. When the fighting began near Tuapse, the wounded were brought from the passes on donkeys — only they could overcome the mountain trails. B was discharged from Sochi hospitals