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Leningradskaya oblast

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The Great Patriotic War, which began on June 22, 1941, interrupted the peaceful life of Gatchina residents, as well as all the people of our country. Among them were workers and peasants, boys and girls, people of different ages and professions. On June 30, the formation of units of the volunteer army began in all districts of Leningrad, which soon became known as the Leningrad People's Militia Army (LANO). The entry into the militia also unfolded in the labor collectives of Krasnogvardeysk (Gatchina). Having put all his forces into battle, the enemy still managed to break through to the Gulf of Finland in the Strelna area on September 16, 1941, and on September 17 to capture Slutsk (Pavlovsk) and most of Pushkin. Persistent attempts by the enemy to advance further proved fruitless.

Gatchina was liberated by Soviet troops on January 26, 1944, and Moscow celebrated this victory with an artillery salute. At the same time, the historical name of Gatchina was returned to the city.