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Gorod Trudovoy Doblesti Borovichi

Novgorodskaya oblast


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Among the few territories on the outskirts of Moscow and Leningrad, the city of Borovichi was not only unoccupied by the enemy, but it knew no street battles, no bombing, and no artillery fire. "Borovichi became a real hospital city. There are 22 of them here" - so wrote military surgeon Vishnevsky in his diaries. For the hospitals were given 10 schools, 5 residential buildings, 9 administrative buildings.

All industry was transferred to the military sphere. "Everything for the front, everything for victory!" There were produced mortars, land mines, shells, equipment for bakeries, pots for cooking, army bowlers, hiking baths, stoves for dugouts, stocks for rifles and machine guns, knitted sweaters, shirts, wraps, gloves, sewed uniforms and pants. The list goes on and on. The city-hospital, the city-donor, the city that took orphaned children to its orphanages, the city-town.

From 1942 to 1951 in Borovichi there was a distribution camp, and then a production camp of the NKVD of the USSR №270 for prisoners of war. In addition to prisoners of war, the camp included many soldiers of the Krajowa Army taken out of Poland at the end of 1944. To this day in the town there are houses built by German prisoners of war. In the village of Jegla there is an International Memorial Memorial, with memorials by the Finns, Germans, Poles, and Hungarians.

During the war the Leningrad Regional Philharmonic, theaters, operetta, regional drama and puppet theaters were evacuated to the city, which performed for the wounded, on the stage of the theater, in neighboring areas, went to the front.

From Leningrad to Borovichi transferred clothing factory "KIM" which sewed uniforms, pants and other uniforms of soldiers; plant "Tsvetmetstamp" which mastered the production of mines and shells. Plant No. 17, evacuated from Leningrad in April 1942 (the future Mechanical Plant), mastered the production of 82 mm mines....

"My city, you remember that terrible time,

When the fires of war were burning.

With the people you shared a hard burden,

You became an infirmary for the country's soldiers..."

А. Efimova

Go into history during the Great Patriotic War. But do not forget the feat of the people who gave the dearest thing - the lives in the name of Peace, in the name of Victory.

For a significant contribution of the city's residents to the achievement of victory in the Great Patriotic War, ensuring the uninterrupted production of military and civil products at industrial enterprises, and demonstrated massive labor heroism and dedication, according to the Decree of the President of the Russian Federation 02.07.2020 the city of Borovichi was awarded the honorary title of the Russian Federation "City of labor valor.

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