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Gorod Voinskoy Slavy Groznyy

Chechenskaya Respublika


Photos and historical info.
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Grozny is a city of military glory! There were questions about grozny's role in the Great Patriotic War. A lot of letters, but these are facts, read! In Hitler's plan "Edelweiss" (the so-called operation to conquer the Caucasus), an important place was given to the capture of Grozny. During the war, the military equipment of the Nazis felt the need for gasoline and lubricating oils more and more acutely. "The conquest of the Caucasus is an old dream, a long-standing desire of the German invaders," wrote M.I. Kalinin in his article "The Battle for the Caucasus"." The Nazis planned to capture Grozny on September 17, and Baku on September 25, 1942. "By the way," writes hitler's former Colonel V. Adam, "Army Group A, which is advancing into the Caucasus, is followed by the same commands that will have to operate oil pipelines in Maykop and Grozny, and then in Baku ...". After the capture of Mozdok, on August 25, 1942, the words "We are at the gates to the Alkhanchurt Valley, which is called the oil bottom," were heard on the air of the Berlin radio. Before the capture of Grozny, "remained ...