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Gorodu voinskoy slavy Kursk

Kurskaya oblast

QSL via RK5W

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The Battle of Kursk completed the radical turning point in the course of the war, begun by the Stalingrad victory. This battle was the last attempt of the Nazis to seize the strategic initiative. They lost and lost forever the opportunity to conduct major offensive operations.

A considerable contribution to the victory at Kursk was made by the excellent work of Soviet intelligence. The Red Army command was well aware of the enemy's plans and prepared effective countermeasures.

However, a decisive victory on the Kursk Bulge would have been impossible without the massive and selfless heroism of ordinary Soviet soldiers and officers. It was the heroes of the Battle of Kursk who finally put an end to Operation Citadel: they were able not only to stop the powerful offensive of the aggressors, but also to reverse it.

Anyway, everyone who participated in these fierce battles of July-August 1943 is a hero. The Battle of Kursk demanded incredible resistance in defense and determination in the offensive from the soldiers and commanders of the Red Army. In total, 248 people at the Kursk Bulge received the highest military award of the USSR - the title of Hero of the Soviet Union