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Gorod voinskoy slavy Naro-Fominsk

Moskovskaya oblast

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The most important strategic goal of the German command from the very beginning of the war was the capital of our Homeland-Moscow.

An attempt by German troops in the summer of 1941 to immediately break through to Moscow through Smolensk failed, and the German command began to prepare a new offensive - a major operation called "Typhoon".

In October, the formations of Army Group Center launched an offensive, which resulted in a difficult situation, threatening the breakthrough of German troops to Moscow.

The State Defense Committee decided to protect the capital, creating the main line of resistance-the Mozhaisk Line of defense, from Volokolamsk to Kaluga. In the center of this line were Mozhaisk, Borovsk and Naro-Fominsk. The defenders of Mozhaisk gave a decisive rebuff to the invaders.

To cover the Naro-Fominsk direction, 110SD and 113SD, the former 4th and 5th divisions of the MDNO of the Kuibyshev and Frunzensky districts of Moscow, were sent to the area.

On October 20, 1941, the Moscow militia gained a foothold on the border of the Nara River.

As part of the 33rd army of General Yefremov, for 66 days and nights, the militia steadfastly held the defense on the banks of the Nara River, fulfilling the order of the Motherland: "Not a step back."

Selflessly, without sparing their own lives during the counteroffensive, they drove the fascist invaders.

The motherland highly appreciated the feat of the Red Army soldiers and residents of the Naro-Fominsk district: in 1977, the city of Naro-Fominsk was awarded the Order of the Patriotic War of the first degree.

The New Democratic Russia celebrated the city of Naro-Fominsk by assigning one of the first the status of "city of military glory".

On the high bank of the Nara River near the St. Nicholas Church, the eternal flame is burning, and the "city of military glory" stele has ascended. Victory Square is a landmark place for the residents of the city. On the day of Remembrance and mourning, on Victory Day and City Day, thousands of candles are lit in memory of the soldiers who gave their lives for the people and the Fatherland.