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Oborona goroda Mozdoka RP77OM

Respublika Severnaya Osetiya-Alaniya

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On September 13, 1942, as German troops approached the Terek River in North Ossetia on the right bank, our soldiers and officers strengthened the defense. So from s. Kizlyar to s. Malgobek held the defense of the 9th Guards Rifle Brigade of the 11th Guards Rifle Corps under the command of Major General Rosly I.P., Malgobek defended the 1st Rifle Battalion, whose composition was multinational. The village was surrounded, the battalion had to retreat to the Tersky ridge with battles and losses. Only 32 soldiers died from the Republic of Dagestan. In 2022, their names were immortalized on two memorial plates, which were installed in the village of Malgobek as a memory of those military events and people who defended the Mozdok region from Nazi invaders.

In 2009, the search squad "Search" was created under the leadership of Mahmadi Dzhamaevich Dauletov.

National Cultural Center opened in Mozdok in 2017

named after the legendary poet of Dagestan Rasul Gamzatov, cultural events are held dedicated to the history, customs and life of the nationalities of Dagestan. NCC - "Dagestan" at a meeting of the Board of Management of the society, decided to perpetuate the dead guys during the Second World War, allocated funds for the manufacture of commemorative plates, they were made in Makhachkala and brought to Mozdok. In the course of archival work, they learned about the dead soldiers in the village. Malgobek and decided to perpetuate on the monument. Then they turned for assistance to Magomed Kadevich Gimbatov, the head of the Dagestan society in the Mozdok district. He supported the idea, thanks to this, two plates with the names of the dead were received and transferred to AMS with. Malgobek for installation on the occasion of the 77th anniversary of the Victory.

On the eve of Victory Day, memorial plates with the names of heroes were solemnly installed on the site of fierce battles in the village of Nizhny Malgobek. Through amateur broadcast, I want to perpetuate the memory of the heroes of the Great Patriotic War to all people of the world, using the memorial call sign RP77OM - Defense