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Kotel u Porlampi

Kemerovskaya oblast

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Porlampy's cauldron (Котёл у Порлампи)

From 07/31/1941, Finnish troops launched a powerful offensive on the division's defense sector in the direction of Varis - Vaihala with access to the Hiitola —Kurkijoki highway and Olika—Kirva with access to the Sairala station. Finnish troops managed to break through the division's defenses in the first days of August, and during August 1941, the division units retreated to the area east of Vyborg, alternating retreat with unsuccessful counterattacks - 05.08.1941 in the direction of the Vyborg-Lappenranta road, 10.08.1941 - southeast of Hiitol. By 08/22/1941, the remnants of the division, having broken away from the enemy, concentrated east of Vyborg in the area of Tala station, Pero station, Karyal suburb. By the end of August 1941, the remnants of the 115th Infantry Division were surrounded south of Vyborg in the forest between the villages of Porlampi (now Beetroot) and Myatsiakyulya, the Boiler at Porlampi.

In the fierce battles in the Porlampi area, the total losses of the Red Army units (43rd, 115th and 123rd rifle divisions) amounted to about 7,000 people killed, 9,000 were captured.

As trophies, the Finns captured 164 guns of various calibers (152 mm guns more than 40 pieces), 27 mortars, 91 machine guns, 21 tanks, 6 armored cars, 146 tractors, 457 trucks (most in a faulty condition), 31 passenger cars, 1,261 wagons, more than 3,000 horses.

On September 02, 1941, in fierce battles in the Porlampi area, my grandfather, Nikolai Ivanovich Sadovin, a private of the 2nd battalion of the 638th infantry regiment of the 115th Infantry Division, was captured. He was in captivity until October 25, 1944, in the Hanko camp (Finland). After his release, he continued his service until November 1946.