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Partizany Smolenschiny

Smolenskaya oblast


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Former center of the partisan movement 1941-1943

In the Smolensk region In the initial period (July-December 1941) - the birth of the partisan movement. At that time, over 40 partisan detachments were operating in the Smolensk region, and already on September 7, 1941, the Sovinformburo celebrated the successful struggle of the Smolensk partisans.

The defeat of the Nazi troops near Moscow opened the second period of the partisan movement (January-September 1942). In January 1942, 63 partisan detachments numbering more than 20 thousand fighters operated in the Smolensk region. The partisans liberated 25 of the 42 occupied regions of the Smolensk region from the enemy, their territory amounted to 17.8 thousand square meters. km. There were three partisan territories, where 23 regional executive committees and 319 village councils began to work.

The third stage (September 1942 - September 1943). At that time, 12 brigades, 2 regiments and separate detachments were operating in the occupied territory of the region. The regiments under the command of the Hero of the Soviet Union S.V. Grishin and Lieutenant Colonel I.F. Sadchikov, brigades - 5th Vorgovskaya, named after S. Lazo, 1st Vadinskaya, 16th and 18th Smolensk and many others.

In 1941-1943, 120 partisan detachments and formations, numbering more than 60 thousand partisans, fought in the Smolensk region. They destroyed over 200 thousand Hitlerites, blew up and burned 1,354 military echelons, blew up 85 railway and 498 highway bridges, destroyed 18 railway stations, 186 enemy garrisons, shot down 58 aircraft, distracted a large number of fascist troops from hostilities at the front.

Over 10 thousand Smolensk partisans were awarded orders and medals. Partisans - demolitionists V. Kurylenko and P. Galetsky, commander of the Thirteen partisan formation S.V. Grishin was awarded the title of Hero of the Soviet Union.