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Tulskomu rabochemu polku

Tulskaya oblast

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This year we will celebrate the 77th anniversary of the heroic defense of Tula. Considerable merit in the fact that the Nazi troops failed to capture the arms capital belongs to the Tula Workers' Regiment.

There were almost no military professionals in it - the backbone was made up of peaceful people who did not have serious army experience: from yesterday's schoolchildren to the elderly. Nevertheless, the militias were able to repel numerous attacks by Wehrmacht soldiers, confident that Tula would fall just as quickly as Minsk, Kiev, Bryansk, Orel ... But the Nazis miscalculated.

The feat of the Tula workers' regiment in the arms capital is not forgotten: a street is named after it, documentary books and films are published about it. And in the spring of last year, a monument to state security officers, partisans, soldiers of reconnaissance and sabotage groups and destruction battalions, who participated in the heroic defense of Tula in the autumn and winter of 1941, appeared near the walls of the Tula Kremlin.