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Sestroreckiy rubezh oborona goroda Leningrada so storony Karelskogo peresheyka

gorod Sankt-Peterburg


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This monument is devouted to the soldias of Beloostrovsky garrison who defended the bank of the Sestra Riva during 2 WW ( 1941-1945 ). The defense line consisted of 14 fortified fizing points. The main defensive dzod was called '' Elephant ". It was connected with 6-hole pillbox by a comminication line. I devoute my Memory watchkeeping to the solgies of Leningrad front : Capitan Viktor Mankovsky ( 1912 yb ) and indepehdant contractor Larisa Mankovsky ( 1913 yb ) Please info : RDA SP-10 Kurortny rayon SPB