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Tagilskie Tanki (UVZ)

Sverdlovskaya oblast

QSL via R9CX

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Ural Tank Plant No. 183 (UTZ) got its name after the evacuation of equipment, personnel and tank production blanks from plant No. 183 from Kharkov to the Ural Railway Car Building Plant named after F. E. Dzerzhinsky (Uralvagonzavod) in the city of Nizhny Tagil.

During the Great Patriotic War, Uralvagonzavod was converted into the largest tank production plant. At the end of 1941, eleven enterprises were evacuated here from the western part of the USSR, including the Kharkov Locomotive Plant and the Bezhitsky Steel Plant.

The first echelon left Kharkov on September 19 and headed to the Urals, to Nizhny Tagil, to the vast territory of the Ural Car Building Plant (43 echelons were sent in total by the second decade of October). The Ordzhonikidze Moscow Machine-Tool Plant, part of the equipment of the Moscow factories "Red Proletarian", "Stankolit" and some other institutions arrived at the same site. On the basis of these enterprises, the Ural Tank Plant No. 183 was formed.

The first tank was assembled at the new location on December 18, and by December 31, 25 combat vehicles were assembled and transferred to the troops from the nodes and parts brought from Kharkov. The arrangement of equipment at the new site of the plant was carried out at the rate of production of 20 T-34 tanks per day. To do this, it was necessary to have 1200- 1250 machines and at least 2000 workers. 1254 machines (including auxiliary ones) arrived from Kharkiv.

During the war, UTZ produced 25,266 T-34 tanks. Every second T-34 tank that took part in the fighting came off the assembly line of this plant. In addition, the plant produced 63 thousand artillery fore-ends, hundreds of thousands of aerial bombs, shells and guides for self-propelled anti-aircraft missile launchers (katyusha). For two aircraft factories evacuated from Moscow and Leningrad, UTZ supplied about four thousand armored hulls of IL-2 aircraft. Every ninth legendary attack aircraft had an armored hull UTZ.

The Ural Tank Factory in 1943 played an exceptional role in the creation of the Ural Volunteer Tank Corps. Of the more than 200 tanks needed to complete the hull, he produced 145. 185 factory workers went to the front as volunteers in the spring of 1943. In total, more than six thousand workers fought on the battlefields of the Great Patriotic War, 3111 of them gave their lives for their Homeland.