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The Battle for coal: How the Kuzbass miners brought Victory closer with their work

Miners have written many heroic pages in the history of the region

From the first days of the war, many Kuzbass miners went to the front as volunteers. But a real battle has begun in the mines - for an increase in coal production.

Already in July 1941, the collective of the country's largest coal enterprise, the Koksovaya-1 mine of the Prokopyevsky mine, appealed to take up the watch of increased coal production.

"Now every mine, factory, collective farm, every house is a fortress. Every Soviet person is a fighter at the front and in the rear," the miners wrote in their appeal.

The miners heard their call. Already in August, daily coal production in the basin increased to 73,975 tons. This was 6466 tons more than was mined per day in the first quarter of 1941.

Everyone at his workplace during the war years worked with full dedication, exceeding plans, helping the front.

The miners finished the annual program ahead of schedule. And in the first year of the war , the country received from the Kuzbass miners n