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V pamyat o Letchikah 113-y bombardirovochnoy Leningradskoy Krasnoznamennoy aviacionnoy divizii, osvobozhdavshih nebo Bryanskoy oblasti v 1943 godu.

Bryanskaya oblast


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In memory of the Pilots of the 113th Bomber Leningrad Red Banner Aviation Division, who liberated the skies of the Bryansk region in 1943.

The pilots of the 113th Bomber Leningrad Red Banner Aviation Division fought in the Arctic, Karelia, participated in air battles over the Baltic republics of the USSR before the appearance of the Bryansk region in the sky. The first combat sortie on the Bryansk Front from the Volyntsevo airfield near Tula was carried out by the 6th Bomber Aviation Regiment of the 113th Rim on July 12, 1943. The next day, 6 crews were lost in the combat sortie of the Il-4 nine, and 3 returning aircraft were severely damaged. August 23, 1943 was a black day for the entire 113th Division: irretrievable combat losses amounted to 15 crews. Despite the fact that each regiment of the division (6th, 815th, 836th and 840th TBAP) had a staff of 20 combat aircraft. After the war, search teams repeatedly found downed Il-4s in the forests of the Dyatkovsky district, the last time the remnants of the bomber were found in December 2007. In March 1945, the division, consisting of three regiments, was transferred from Moscow to Poznan to participate in the Berlin operation.