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Podvigu ml. leytenanta Vasiliya Afanasevicha Ososkova, pogibshego smertyu geroya u d. Kshen 19.12.1941

Respublika Bashkortostan

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Extract from the award list of Junior Lieutenant Vasily Afanasyevich Ososkov.

In battles near the city of Lunevsk, Junior Lieutenant Ososkov repulsed an enemy attack that aimed to surround the village in which the command post was located. Junior Lieutenant Ososkov with platoon, he boldly rushed across and stopped nine vehicles with enemy infantry with automatic fire and caused great damage to the enemy in manpower. In a battle near the village of Kshen, junior lieutenant Ososkov with a group of five fighters suspended the enemy's offensive and thereby gave time to the command post leave from the zone of shelling machine guns and mortars. In this battle, comrade Ososkov fell the death of the hero, fulfilling his duty to the Motherland and saving the lives of many commanders.

For the courage and heroism shown, Junior Lieutenant Ososkov Vasily Afanasevich was awarded the Order of the Battle Red Flag posthumously.