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Pamyati moego deda Aksenova Emelyana Grigorevicha.

Krasnoyarskiy kray


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Attention! Information below is provided by special event station operator and published AS IS.

Aksenov Emelyan Grigoryevich was born on January 2, 1906 in the village of Tongul, Tyazhinsky district, Novosibirsk region. Machinist of a sawmill, married, two sons and three daughters. He fought on the Leningrad Front, 8th Army, 189 sd, senior sergeant, junior commander, squad leader, member of the CPSU b. He died during the liberation of Estonia on July 24, 1944, notice 629 of July 31, 1944. He was buried at the divisional cemetery of the village of Sinimae, No. 12 south. east. hut. Rivimaa 2 kom, sq. 75458. Later, this divisional cemetery was moved to the burial of IDA-VIRUMAA County, VAIVARA parish.