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Attention! Information below is provided by special event station operator and published AS IS.

A special callsign RP78AF (Radio Pobeda 78 Azovskaya Flotiliya) will be on the air to commemorate the Soviet soldiers and sailors who in the ranks of the Azov Flotilla fought against the German invaders during the Great Patriotic War.

The Azov Flotilla was formed in July 1941 to support of the Soviet Army troops in defensive operations at the Southern Front as the German forces approached the coast of the Sea of Azov.

The fleet included gunboats, torpedo boats, several armored launches, minesweepers and patrol boats. It was in operation until the Germans finally occupied the western part of the Kuban region. The flotilla lost it bases in the ports of Tempyuk and Anapa and was disbanded in September 1942.

The fleet was reestablished six months later to help landings in Taganrog, Mariupol and Taman. In December 1943, the flotilla participated in the 40-day long Kerch-Eltigen landing operation which secured a jumping-off place for liberation of the Crimea.

In April 1944, the fleet formed the basis of the Danube military flotilla, a naval force of the Soviet Navy's Black Sea Fleet during World War II and afterwards, existing up to 1960.