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pozyvnoy signal RP78EB posvyaschen Eryashevu Borisu Nikolaevichu, komandir eskadrili shturmovoy aviacii

Samarskaya oblast

QSL via R4IT

Photos and historical info.
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Boris Nikandrovich was born in the family of an employee. He received an incomplete secondary education. He studied at the Kuibyshev River Technical School. In the Red Army since December 1940. In 1942 he graduated from the Engels Military Aviation School of Pilots.

In the active army since June 1943. Flight commander of the 503rd Assault Aviation Regiment (206th Assault Aviation Division, 7th Assault Aviation Corps, 8th Air Army, 4th Ukrainian Front). During the war, Yeryashev flew 172 combat sorties on an Il-2 attack aircraft to attack enemy troops, crossings and airfields. He was wounded, shot down several enemy planes, was shot down himself and spent several days getting out to his own, carrying out the wounded.

After the war — squadron commander, deputy commander of the regiment. In 1956 he graduated from the Air Force Academy. Since 1962, Lieutenant Colonel Yeryashev has been in reserve.

Honorary citizen of the city of Fryazino. Yeryashev's name was assigned to the lyceum, a bust and a memorial plaque were installed in Fryazino. A tugboat on the Kama is named after Yeryashev. In Togliatti, one of the streets of the city is named after the Hero.