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Geroyu Sovetskogo Soyuza Vasiliy Ivanovich Golovchenko 23.04.1920- 17.03.2014gg.

Krasnodarskiy kray

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The title of Hero of the Soviet Union was established as the highest degree of distinction. In the USSR for services to the state related to the heroic deed on April 16, 1934. During the war years, 11,600 people received this title. There are 328 Cubans in this family, eleven of them were born and grew up on our Taman land. Their lives and exploits reflected the best features of our people: love for the Motherland, unbending courage, loyalty to the military traditions of the past.

One of the most remarkable people of Taman is Vasily Ivanovich Golovchenko, who was awarded two Zloty Stars – Hero of the Soviet Union and Hero of Socialist Labor. Golovchenko was born in the village of Starotitarovskaya on April 23, 1920. He graduated from school, then from the Federal Law and began working at the Taman MTS, first as a tractor driver, and then as a foreman. When the Great Patriotic War began, he was not immediately taken to the front: machine operators were needed in the collective farm. And then in 1942 he went to the front voluntarily. At the front, he served in a tank unit, and then got into a mechanized company as a mechanic-driver of a self-propelled installation.

In the autumn of 1944, the mechanized company in which Golovchenko served reached the Danube near Budapest and crossed to the right bank occupied by the Nazis. But there she was stopped by enemy artillery. The shells landed thickly and accurately. Suddenly, a Soviet self-propelled gun suddenly burst into the position of the Nazis. With the first blow, she knocked over the cannon closest to her, went into the flank of the battery and smashed the second one. A "tiger" appeared from behind a hillock. The self-propelled gun finished him.

It was 24-year-old Vasily Golovchenko who dealt with the fascists. The Fascists retreated. The landed infantry occupied the railway station, where enemy echelons loaded with tanks and ammunition were standing. On the outskirts of the station, Golovchenko again joined the battle. But the enemies managed to set fire to the daring self-propelled gun. Then Golovchenko moved to another one. Again, a direct hit of a projectile into the car, but this time only a breakdown. The tankers eliminated the malfunction in battle and again rushed to the attack, smashing the Fascist guns, tanks and infantry.

For the courage and resourcefulness shown during the liberation of the Hungarian capital, Vasily Ivanovich Golovchenko was awarded the title of Hero of the Soviet Union by March 1945. The war ended and Golovchenko returned to his native village. I got on the tractor again, but the work required knowledge and Vasily Ivanovich went to study at an agricultural college. And during the holidays he worked at the wheat harvest. In 1951, in 25 days of suffering, he threshed 8998 tons of wheat with his Stalinets-6 combine harvester. And in 1952, for his achievements in labor, he was awarded the second Gold Star – Hero of Socialist Labor.

The military and peaceful work of Vasily Ivanovich Golovchenko was awarded high government awards. Hero of the Soviet Union (March 24, 1945), Hero of Socialist Labor (May 20, 1952), four Orders of Lenin, Order of the October Revolution, Order of the Patriotic War of the 1st degree (03/11/1985), Order of the Patriotic War of the 2nd degree (6.11.1944), Order of the Red Banner of Labor, two Orders of the Red Star, medal "For Courage".), honorary citizen of Temryuk.

Author of the book "The Field of our Victory" (Moscow, 1982).

A bust of him (1978) is installed in the Starotitarovskaya st.