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Geroyu Velikoy Otechestvennoy voyny Gafiatullinu Gazinuru

Respublika Tatarstan


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THE FEAT OF GAZINUR GAFIATULLIN (according to the award list of the SCS)

on January 14, 1944, the 20th Rifle Regiment was advancing on the Novo-Sokolniki direction. The regiment was ordered to capture the Fascist defense stronghold in the village of Ovsishchi between Nasva and Novosokolniki stations. The second battalion was advancing from the village of Chernova to the village of Sopki. And here, on a snow-covered field, an enemy bunker blocked the way for the fighters.

Under the cover of the fire of two machine gunners, Sergeant Gazinur Gafiatullin got close to the bunker and threw a grenade. Then the second one. The enemy machine gun was silent for a while. But with a new attack by Major Bushuev's battalion, the bunker again opened a barrage. The groans of wounded soldiers were heard. At this critical moment, Gazinur did what his ardent patriot heart prompted him to do.

Sergeant Gafiatullin shouted: "For the Motherland! For Stalin!" with his body he closed the embrasure of the roaring bunker fire. The machine gun of the fascists fell silent. The fighters rushed forward. The villages of Sopki and Ovsishchi were occupied on time.

The orderlies lifted the bullet-riddled body of the hero. There were twenty wounds in it

Gazinur, who performed an immortal feat, was buried with military honors. A wooden obelisk was erected on the hero's grave 200 meters southwest of the burned village of Ekimov. The title of Hero of the Soviet Union was awarded to Gafiatullin on June 3, 1944 posthumously.