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gorod voinskoy slavy Gatchina

Leningradskaya oblast

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The Great Patriotic War, which began on June 22, 1941, interrupted the peaceful life of the Gatchina people, as well as all the people of our country. Among them were workers and peasants, boys and girls, people of different ages and professions. On June 30, in all districts of Leningrad, the formation of units of the volunteer army began, which soon became known as the Leningrad People's Militia Army (LANO). Enrollment in the militia unfolded in labor collectivesKrasnogvardeysk (Gatchina). A week later, the city commission selected 530 volunteers who were sent to Leningrad and, for the most part, joined the ranks of the 2nd and 3rd divisions of the people's militia. Dozens of conscripts of the city and the region became fighters of machine-gun and artillery battalions created to defend fortified areas