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Gorod Trudovoy Slavy Borovichi

Novgorodskaya oblast


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At the beginning of the Great Patriotic War and until 1944, the city was part of the Leningrad region. The headquarters of the 177th Infantry Division was located in Borovichi.

22 evacuation hospitals were located on its territory during the war years. The famous surgeon Alexander Vishnevsky worked in one of them. The best buildings were given over to hospitals — schools, residential buildings, administrative buildings. The daily flow of wounded was 780 — 1000 people. According to some reports, more than 70 thousand wounded were admitted to hospitals.

The townspeople worked on the construction of the Borovichi-Peredki-Horomy-Volgino fortification line on the right bank of the Msta River. By the end of 1943, two lines of anti-tank ditches with bunkers and trenches were created. Trenches were built in populated areas to shelter from air raids.

During the war, the Leningrad Regional Philharmonic and a number of theaters were evacuated to Borovichi — actors and musicians performed for the wounded on the stage of the city theater and in neighboring areas, and also went to the front.


Industrial enterprises of Borovichi worked at the front during the war years. Among them: the refractory plant "Krasny Keramik", the artels "Shoemaker", "Krasny Oktyabr", "Trud", "Russian Balalaika", mechanical plant No. 17 and others.

The enterprises produced butts for weapons, ice rinks for airfields, trailed sleds, charging boxes, pontoons. The production of shells for mines and hand grenades was established. Fuses for anti- tank mines were produced . The distillery was engaged in the production of incendiary mixtures.


The medal "For Valiant Labor in the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945" was awarded to 2506 employees of the Krasny Keramik plant and more than 2 thousand other residents of Borovichi. The director of the enterprise and the foreman of the carpentry shop were awarded the medal "For Military Merit". Education workers were also awarded.

The City's contribution to Victory

According to the resource gorodatrudovoidoblesti.the contribution of the city of Borovichi amounted to more than 800 thousand rubles to the Defense Fund in 1941, 2.5 thousand pairs of gloves, socks, mittens; more than 50 thousand tons of bread, 41 tons of special biscuits, 24 tons of yeast.