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Samarskaya oblast


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The memorial call sign RP78I was formed in memory of the legendary IL-2 aircraft, which was manufactured in the city of Kuibyshev (now Samara) during the Second World War

In the harsh autumn of 1941, dozens of echelons with equipment from secret factories, urgently evacuated from the western regions of the country, arrived in Kuibyshev, which at that time became the reserve capital of the USSR, every day one after another. In particular, machines, materials and all personnel of the State Aviation Plant No. 1 were transported from Moscow to the banks of the Volga. Stalin (GAZ-1) and Motor Plant No. 24 named after him. Frunze, and the aviation plant No. 18 named after him moved from Voronezh to Kuibyshev. Voroshilov. The task of the government, received by the management of these enterprises, seemed impossible: no later than two months after the move, to organize a full-fledged serial production of combat aircraft at the new site, and first of all, the Il-2, which was later recognized as the best attack aircraft of the Second World War.

Although at that time other types of aviation equipment were produced at a number of numbered factories in the USSR, the Il-2 aircraft became the main product of nameless aircraft manufacturers from the end of 1941. It was a real "flying tank" with powerful cannon and machine gun armament. During 1941-1945, more than 66680 IL-2 aircraft were manufactured at the Kuibyshev aviation plants.