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Izhevsk-gorod Trudovoy doblesti

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From the first days of the Great Patriotic War, the steel of Izhevsk Metallurgical went to 150 defense enterprises, and until 1942. Izhevsk was the only supplier of rifles in the country.

After the arrival of the Tula Armory evacuated to Izhevsk, the Izhevsk Machine-building Plant was divided into the machine-building and mechanical plant itself, which produced the Degtyarev anti-tank rifle (PTRD), Simonov anti-tank rifle, the Tula Tokarev pistol (TT) - up to 18 weapons.

The factories worked for days, in two shifts, construction battalions and work columns were formed, townspeople and villagers, disabled people who returned from the war got up to the machines... Bast shoes in winter, lunch porridge in the newspaper, wooden, hastily built barracks, and every seventh worker is under 16 years old...

But every day only the machine-building plant armed one rifle and one aviation division of the belligerent country.

Izhevsk does not bear the title of a hero city. But the factory city performed its unprecedented feat in the Great